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Hot Topic All Stars is a Northern Virginia based All Star cheerleading program which was formed in 2006 by Iyona Hawkins and Brenda Holloway. Since the start of this program, our teams have grown by leaps and bounds and each year, we continue to build on our strong foundation. Our foundation is based on promoting and encouraging discipline, leadership, physical fitness and social development through competitive athletic experiences.

Our mission is to provide a positive, structured and challenging cheerleading experience for anyone ages 3 – 17 years old, with the motivation, dedication, commitment, and drive to excel in this growing sport. Athletes are provided an opportunity to learn about responsibility, hard work, teamwork, respect for rules and guidelines, as well as other positive qualities. The main focus is on increasing self esteem through individual and team achievement, academic excellence, mentorship and giving back to the community.

With this vision in mind, we also incorporated higher education and achievement as a major part of trying to make a difference in our athlete’s lives. It is mandatory for our athletes to keep a grade point average of 2.5 or above in order to participate in our program. We teach our athletes about giving their best effort in everything they do. We encourage our athletes to keep good grades and to be empowered and informed individuals when they grow up. We also coach with a style that incorporates real life situations to learning, developing and executing the new skills they learn. In every example of technique, discipline, commitment and drive, we show how it relates to their education, career and personal life in their future. It is our personal vision and hope, that our athletes will be affected in such a way, that in the future, they will in turn sow a seed into someone else’s life or be a power of example to their family members, friends and their community as a whole.


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5703 General Washington Drive
Suites D and E
Alexandria, VA 22312